It wasn't until the bitter end, when the church virtually imploded, that the truth of God's grace simultaneously exploded in my own heart. With that descending church nightmare came a dawning grace awakening. God's irony, again, hit me square in the face, and that brush with truth knocked the fetid breath of legalism out of me. Suddenly, I started seeing people with new eyes - the way I imagined God might see them, as works in progress, as malleable clay still very much in the Potter's hands.

The billboard's words still ring out over that same Florida highway, the booming voice of God intoning, "Don't make me come down there." In a Sodom-and-Gomorrah kind of way, God coming down would be a horrific event indeed. But the Scriptures also remind us of a wonderful future event, a mind-blowing day when the Son of God will indeed "come down here" and make all things new again. To me, that's something not just to shout from the rooftops but from every highway billboard across the land.

Copyright 2004 by A.J. Kiesling

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