Jan: We see God. We see how loving and caring he is, despite our poor performance.

And we see ourselves. We see how pitiful and weak we are. But we also begin to see that God loves us anyway, just like the newborn -- who cannot perform at all -- who is so loved by his mother.

We reflect on God's great goodness, and our great weakness. We see his gift of life to us. His gift of forgiveness. And then we begin to realize that he has lifted us out of our "mess" and placed us in the midst of the loving circle of the Trinity. Our life "is hid with Christ in God" -- what a wonder that is! Out of that realization of his great love for us comes our desire then to show our love to his world.

Eva: Being quiet in His presence is something you have experienced for some time. What passion caused you to want to write the book now?

Jan: Realizing how much God loves us, and how hard it is for us to believe it is really true for us. My prayer is that everyone who reads my book will get a tiny glimpse of their belovedness, and will pursue a deeper relationship with God so that they experience his extravagant love for themselves.

Eva: If you could sit across from your reader, look them in the eye and say one thing--the one thing you want them to glean from your book-what would it be?

Jan: You are God's beloved. You are cherished. And the Lord is waiting for you to turn your gaze towards him so that he can let you know how precious you are.

Eva: Jan, would you close us with a very short prayer, asking the Lord to hear our hearts as well as our words?

Jan: Thank you, Lord, for loving us and seeing us as precious. Open our eyes so that we can see who you really are, and turn our hearts toward you so that we can give ourselves as a gift to you. Let us forget everything that distracts us from you, and give us the gift of simply being in your presence like Mary of Bethany was. And thank you Lord that you look at our hearts' intention. Amen.

Eva Marie Everson is the author of Shadow of Dreams & Summon the Shadows and an award-winning national speaker. She can be contacted for comments or for speaking engagement bookings at Bridegroomsbride@aol.com or you can go to www.evamarieeverson.com