“My children get a lot out of Presidential Prayer Team for Kids,” writes PPT member, Lynn. “We use this for lessons in Bible, History, Current Events, Social Studies and Civics in our home schooling.”


“I found a small piece of paper at my workplace one day and it had the website address for The Presidential Prayer Team,” wrote PPTmember, Shirley. “Ever since I opened this site about the godly heritage of America and our President, I felt peace.”


“I have found that whether concentrated prayer is for the Church or the Nation, that I have a deeper love and devotion for whatever I prayed for. I stand up more and am heard more and I fight more for those things for which I have prayed,” writes PPT member, Loretta.


While the President is the focus of PPT’s prayers, PPT is not connected to any political party, government entity, interest group or church. Even so, President Bush is aware of PPT. “He has said on many occasions that he and Mrs. Bush appreciate the millions of Americans who pray for them,” says Lind. “He has said that prayer is the greatest gift you can give a person.”


PPT will celebrate its fourth anniversary this September 18.


“We’re launching our fifth year by asking believers to help enroll a million new PPT members,” said Lind. “President Bush has many important decisions he makes on a daily basis. He needs and appreciates God’s wisdom as he makes them, and he says that prayer sustains him. Looking ahead, we will pray for any person who holds the office of President, and our prayers will continue to focus on that person’s protection, wisdom and insight – that God will rule in that person’s heart, decisions and activities. We also will continue praying for our nation’s leaders and our Armed Forces.”


To join The Presidential Prayer Team, visit www.presidentialprayerteam.org or call (800) 295-1235. And don’t forget to encourage others to join the team as well.


PPT’s Four Years of Leadership


September 2001            Launch

December 2001             One million membership

February 2002               American Inspirations radio program launch

September 2002            President Prayer for Kids site launch

February 2003               Adopt Our Troops initiative launch

May 2003                      2.8 million membership goal reached in just 600 days