But, inside the gates of the HLE is an exact replica of The Garden Tomb, right down to the tiled sign just beyond it’s “doors.” Here, as guests gathered around and sheep, goats, and even a camel stood nearby listening, we were once again captivated by the teaching of one of the site’s learned experts. We were invited to step inside the “tomb,” and witness what Peter and John saw (or didn’t see!) on the morning of His resurrection!


The Theater of Life


Inside this movie theater (located inside the Temple of the Great King), we sat and watched a 20-minute film titled “The Seed of Promise,” which was filmed on location in Israel. Our hearts pounded as we watched Adam and Eve giving up the glory of the Garden, heard the Lord God curse them…and then bless them with the promise of the Redeemer. We saw the gut-wrenching faith of Abraham as he prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac on Mount Moriah, and then watched as God, the Father sacrificed His Son outside the walls of Jerusalem. The film’s ending is powerful and full of the promises found within the resurrection and return of our Lord.


We left the theater uplifted…and ready for more!


And More There Is!


It would be impossible to share everything there is to share about the Holy Land Experience in the confines of this article. There is an area just for children to play (Qaboo & Company), which includes a rock-climbing wall and an archeological dig. The Oasis Palms Café offers authentic Middle-Eastern food (like Tabouli and Pita bread) all wrapped up and Americanized. (For example: the Hot Dog Platter—which I got—is a Hebrew National Hot Dog, naturally. They have Tabga Tuna and Arabian Chicken and…well, you get the point.)


I don’t have time to talk about the Qumran Dead Sea Caves and the Wilderness Tabernacle (a fully-automated multimedia presentation). There are shops along the way, too, where I purchased an inspiring print of Mary at the Well and a book I’ve pored over for hours and days.


But I do want to talk about one other thing.


Bethlehem Nights!


“Our staff is about to start putting up the lights!” Marv Rosenthal exclaims as we wrap up our interview. “You don’t want to miss this!”


Beginning December 16 (and continuing through January 2) Bright Nights In Bethlehem, WHAT IS IT, will be a feature at The Holy Land Experience.


For More Information: If you’d like to know more about The Holy Land Experience or Zion’s Hope, take a trip to www.theholylandexperience.com and/or www.zionshope.org.