In conclusion he said, "Do not kill to spread Christianity. Die to spread Christianity" - a charge lived out by former Taliban prisoner and OneDay03 speaker Heather Mercer.


When Mercer and friend Dayna Curry arrived in Afghanistan, they aspired to bring a better life and a little hope to some of the poorest and most oppressed people in the world. Within a few months, their lives were thrown into chaos as they became pawns in historic international events. They were arrested by the ruling Taliban government for teaching about Christianity to the people with whom they worked.


"But I don't want to share the story of Afghanistan today," Mercer told the students after leading prayer for the nations and for missions. "I want to call you to something higher. God is calling our generation to live for a purpose bigger than ourselves.


"The scripture that we've heard so much about already - Isaiah 6 - tells us to be consumed by the holiness of God, the beauty of God, the wonder of God, the glory of God. And because Isaiah was consumed, he heard the Lord say, 'Who can I send?' The only thing Isaiah could do was respond and say, 'Lord, here am I. Send me.'"


That's what God is wanting to do again in our generation, Mercer noted. "What's it going to take for us to get there? I think God has been speaking three things: (1.) I am looking for a generation that doesn't mind looking foolish for the sake of My name. (2.) I am looking for a generation marked by sacrifice, and (3.) I am looking for a generation that is in love with Me."


As Mercer passionately inspired many young adults to consider serving in the mission field, those so called had an entire City Center of mobilization resources to help them explore possible roles.


In addressing the issue of purity, the author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Joshua Harris, likened himself to a car alarm "that you want shut off. But the Holy Spirit is calling us back to purity," Harris said. "He wants us to avoid sexual immorality.


"I am not here to make you feel guilty," Harris continued. "I've been on that treadmill of shame and disobedience and failure. I want to call you to joy. The Holy Spirit can help you change. Lust keeps us from joy and satisfaction in God. The issue matters because if we don't pursue purity, we'll never see joy."


Harris then gave the audience suggestions on how to avoid lust and maintain purity.


When the audience applauded Kirk Cameron's arrival on stage, the former Growing Pains star begged them to stop. "In this moment of magnifying God, please don't applaud for me. My fame is dead. The fame of Jesus Christ is alive. My fame had to be crucified in order for me to become a Christian.