"God does not see me as a celebrity. He sees me as a sinner," Cameron added. He then proceeded to eloquently present the salvation message.


"Of all the things I have done and the places I have been, of all the things I've seen, absolutely nothing and no one compares to knowing Jesus Christ and being forgiven of my sin, and being in a right relationship with the Creator of the universe," Camerson said.


"As I stood here last night, I heard about the lightning and the thunder from Beth Moore; I heard about the holiness of God from John Piper - and I felt a little uneasy, because we are calling this a solemn assembly. We are consecrating this as holy ground. The Word of God has gone over this place and we are saying this place is sacred. We are calling for the God of holiness to come here."


Come He did, as scores of students renewed their relationship with God, and some began a brand new relationship. Even now, as those who attended are back on their campuses or in their home churches, they are continuing the journey. 


Through June 9, those who attended are taking a little time every day on www.OneDay03.com to consecrate their lives. They will go all the way to June 9 because that's the date associated with Pentecost, traditionally 50 days past Easter. To consecrate simply means to set apart.

The end result of OneDay03 is a setting apart of lives for the purposes and glory of God.

Next Week: The music of OneDay03