Why can't I stop worrying about things and trust God? Is God even there? Does He answer my prayers? Am I praying wrong? Why does it always feel like Satan is attacking me? And for goodness sakes, how can I get my head around the increasing arguments over homosexuality?

Pick a year, and chances are these themes and questions are going to be among the ones generating the most page views on Crosswalk.com's Spiritual Life channel. 2007 was no exception. You, our beloved readers, clicked on, read, responded to, and forwarded around several hot topics related to spiritual growth and the Christian walk each month of last year. Listed here are the ones that had you the most charged up. This list isn't necessarily based on quality, or even on making folks happy, as some of these articles prompted negative feedback or debate.

But that's all part of the process as we as a body strive for truth, while trying to trust God and love each other. It can be a tricky balance, one we, your editorial team at Crosswalk, try to strike every day between content that will inspire you, challenge you, encourage you, eat at you, uplift you, and engage you.

Never be afraid to let us know how we're doing. After every article you have a chance to respond, whether to the writer, other readers/commentors, and Crosswalk itself regarding your thoughts, concerns, or related testimonies. Some examples of your feedback are shown in this article. In turn, we'll keep praying and striving to locate content from quality respected sources like those that follow for years to come.

Have a blessed 2008, and enjoy this look back at our most-read Spiritual Life content of 2007.


Hear the Silent Message in Unanswered Prayer, by Whitney Hopler, based on Pete Greig's book, God On Mute: Engaging the Silence of Unanswered Prayer, Regal Books, 2007.

Abstract: Do unanswered prayers mean that God doesn't care, or worse, that He's not even there? Here's how to interpret God on Mute.

Key Quote: "Be willing to accept 'no' as an answer. Consider carefully whether God has truly not answered your prayer, or whether He has answered it, but chosen to deny your request. Ask God to give you the strength to accept His will, even if it’s contrary to your wishes. Realize that your power to choose God’s will over your own preference is a significant opportunity to grow in faith and maturity. Remember that God’s wisdom is often beyond human understanding, but He is always working out the best for you from His eternal perspective. Ask God to help you learn the valuable lessons He wants to teach you through your suffering, so that suffering will ultimately lead you to greater joy."

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How to Stop Worrying and Start Living!, by Warren R. Olson, Senior Living Ministries

Abstract: There's plenty in life to worry about. But you know what? Scripture doesn’t give believers the option to worry.

Key Quote: "As you know, worrying involves your thought life. So I want you to think about your thought life as a corral. Everything within that corral is what you know to be true. But as we go through life, it’s easy to let our thoughts wander out of the corral and into the territory of worry and anxiety. That’s why you and I have to build strong fences around the corral of our thought life! And how do we do build these fences? With the truth of the Word of God."