“The amazing power of hospitality may well be one of the most misunderstood and under taught topics in the Church,” state the Crismier’s in the book’s preface. “The Apostle Paul stated that it is essential for all Christian living and leadership...”

The Power of Hospitality is written in a clear, step-by-step and easy-to-understand style that allows readers to embrace the experience of hospitality. Readers will explore topics including, “Whatever Happened to Hospitality,” “God’s Heart for Hospitality,” “What Is Hospitality,” “Receiving Hospitality” and many more.

The book is divided into two parts: “The Heart and Power of Hospitality” and “The Art and Practice of Hospitality.” The book also offers questions, personal planners and other helpful tools, which will allow readers to reflect and put into practice what they’ve read.

Christian leaders such as Dr. Bill Gothard, Founder of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, endorsed the book by saying, “The Power of Hospitality identifies a major but neglected strategy for reaching the lost. I am very encouraged by the depth of thinking, clarity of writing and practicality of (the) challenge to believers to demonstrate hospitality.”

Crismier gives the Christian community this advice as he encourages each of us to live out the Christian life amidst postmodernism, “The best way to give an example of that is through Daniel…he faced a number of serious obstacles while living amidst the Babylonian culture. It is very similar to what we are experiencing today. He was willing to stand alone (to stand up for what he believed in). He was willing to have a firm purpose and willing to make it known. He did not bend, he did not bow and he did not try to conform to his culture.”