SpikeHost says, Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to crosswalk.com Chat! My name is SpikeHost, and I'll be your host this evening. Joining me on stage are TerriCamp, AppleHost, DaisyHost, and Yadah_Host.
SpikeHost says, Many of you have a copy of the New International Version of the Bible, often called the NIV for short; I have one. And many churches use the NIV for their pew Bibles; mine is one of them.
SpikeHost smiles.
SpikeHost says, Back in 1997, the International Bible Society, the translators of the NIV, and Zondervan, the publishers of the NIV, announced plans to revise the NIV to make it "gender accurate". On May 27 of that year, twelve men, meeting at the headquarters of Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, spoke out against this, so the project was shelved for a while. But the translators and publishers have revived the project, and a gender-accurate version of the NIV, to be called Today's New International Version, or TNIV, is due to be published soon. And on February 7 of this year, eight of the twelve men who spoke out before did so again. Our special guest tonight is one of those eight. He is Senior Pastor of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Bloomington, Indiana, and a board member for the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the Rev. Timothy B. Bayly.
madchatter asks, What are your biggest concerns regarding the TNIV?
Tim_Bayly says, Two things: First the breaking of the word by the men that met with us at Focus on the Family in '97. Second, the direct changing of the actual words of Scripture out of a desire to be perceived as being sensitive to cultural pressures today. It's kind of a highhanded action.
browjan asks, What does Zondervan mean when they say that the TNIV is "gender accurate" ?
Tim_Bayly says, It is begging the question by defining things... The question is if this translation is gender accurate and it isn't so it is wrong.
browjan asks, Does the TNIV maintain masculine gender terms when the text is referring solely to men?
Tim_Bayly says, No, it doesn't. A good example would be in the book of Acts where Paul is addressing the Athenian men in the areopagus. You can find that in Acts 17:22. It says in the Greek that Paul stood in the midst of the areopagus and said "Men of Athens." But the TNIV says that Paul stood up and said, "People of Athens." My objection to that is that all of the PhDs and marketing people and IBS people who decided to make that change have violated the Word of God by that change. But if I were to say what my second concern is, and it a much less significant concern, it is that they are not even being historically accurate because that's not what Paul said. The Greek is andreo. That's not the more inclusive masculine term anthropos. It's the very direct word referring to men who have all of the physiological apparatus of men. The question we have to ask is "Who does the TNIV want to argue with in this verse?" Luke, who recorded Paul's words... His exact words? The apostle Paul who used those words in the first place? The Athenians whose habit was to give over to man the job of being minister of exterior affairs in the areopagus, and woman min (The men were there because the women were with the children at home.) Or God whose fatherhood called the Athenians to live out this leadership in their lives as men? It seems to me as though the TNIV is flailing at all of the above... From God on down.
ibtrying2 asks, Why do you see a gender accurate translation as threatening when it would speak to seekers more profoundly than current translations?
Tim_Bayly says, Well of course to say I see it as threatening is a sophisticate ad homonym attack. Similar to people who calls sodomites to repent is only doing it because he is a homophobe. But to move on to the substance of the question. If in our effort to communicate to people we find ourselves embarrassed by some of God's words and seek to hide them the problem is that we are idolaters and have made God and His word into our own image. God has the right to speak for himself and not be pressed into the mold of 21st century semantic habits. Let God be God and let His Word be His Word and not ours.
SpikeHost says, Chatmaster has a few announcements for us.

Chatmaster shouts, Congratulations to ben25 and maxh who have been chosen to receive a FREE NKJV New Testament, courtesy of Prayer Warrior Ministries and crosswalk.com. Sign up for the Prayer Warrior Ministries prayer request email chain. Just send your email to prayerwarriorministries@hotmail.com with the word signup in the subject heading."

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