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ben25 asks, You say the TNIV does not retain masculine terms for males. What about Acts 1:21? Tim_Bayly says, That's because last time the NLT translated that as "those." It's good that they got that right this time... But the fact that they get ONE right when they refer to apostles and wrong elsewhere... I'm supposed to be happy with that? maxh asks, Does gender in text determine gender in reality? If so, how does one deal with the Holy Spirit being referred as neuter? Tim_Bayly says, Almost always gender markings of words have a referent. So gender is not extraneous... It has meaning. The fact that some places its meaning is obscured because the person referred to is the Holy Spirit doesn't render gender as a meaningless aspect of the Greek and Hebrew of thousands and thousands of places. browjan asks, When Zondervan makes the statement that "they have been committed to producing translations that are as accurate and faithful to the meaning of the Biblical writers, how do they determine what the Biblical writer meant? Can they determine what it meant to the Biblical writer without meeting the Biblical writer? Tim_Bayly says, Yes, by meeting the Biblical writer's very words. But of course that is what they choose in thousands of places NOT to do. If the Biblical writer, inspired by the Holy Spirit let’s remembers, actually wrote the Greek word IOUDAIOI (Jews) he meant Jews and not "Jewish leaders" which the TNIV often substitutes as does the NLT often. For instance look at John 19:12. Where we are told the Jews cried out against Jesus in the presence of Pilate. The TNIV changed it to the "Jewish leaders crying out shouting." This is typical of their bodacious ness in thinking they can do a better job of saying what God really wanted to say by avoiding using the words that God actually inspired. Yes, it's nasty for scripture to record that the Jewish religious leaders had their willing little helpers and to put it in the Bible as God inspired it makes us vulnerable to the accusation of anti-Semitism. Something any American wants to avoid today. But to change it is to delete a word that God himself inspired and it is idolatrous because we are remaking God and His revelation in our own pathetic image. ibtrying2 asks, The members of the Council of Bible Translation are men and women of integrity, they worked long and hard and were dedicated to accuracy of the original words, why should Christians believe that your translations are more accurate than theirs? Tim_Bayly says, The members of the Committee on Bible Translation have a million dollar foundation and a multi-million dollar corporation, Zondervan, and the vast reaches of Rupurt Murdock's News Corp behind them. We have to keep all of this money and marketing in mind when we think about these specific individuals. Since you asked about "my" translation let me say that I stand to benefit from no translation of Scripture and have no translation of Scripture affiliated to me in any way. I am opposing the TNIV and the NLT because they have changed the Words of God. As for the personal integrity of the members of the committee on Bible Translation (CBT) that's not what is at stake. It's their work. This work is clearly a violation of the inspiration and authority of the Word of God. Had I made the mistakes that they've made I would hope that even my own wife would oppose me in it out of her love first for God and His Word but also for me. SpikeHost says, We have two more winners! Chatmaster, if you please.

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