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guest2740 asks, frednmonica say what's the big deal, there's lots of inaccurate Bibles, why pick on just this one? Tim_Bayly says, The big deal is that incidental errors are a far cry from thousands of emendations to the text of Scripture, all of which are focused on silencing the patriarchy of God as it appears in human relationships and language. Such errors are anything but innocent. Rather, they are a part of the evil one's attack upon the nature of God's creation in the area of sexuality which defines our generation and culture. ben25 asks, Most of TNIV translators are complementarian. If they had an agenda, wouldn't it be the opposite of the one you accuse them of? How is it that conservative translators have a liberal agenda? Tim_Bayly says, First, the one member of the CBT I know best, Gordon Fee, is anything but complementarian. Second, even those who are complementarian can desire to appear reasonable, gentle, sensitive, to those watching and can want the Word of God to appear the same. We all know what it is to send messages to people about our progressive views by the words we choose. That doesn't necessarily mean that we are card-carrying supporters of their side of the battle. But it certainly can win us friends and cause us to have less speed bumps in the paths of our careers. cruxhost asks, Just out of curiosity, which version of the Bible do you prefer for your own study? Is there any one in particular that you think is more accurate? Tim_Bayly says, The NASB '95. The updated edition that gets rid of the thees and thous. It is admitted by almost everybody that this Bible is the one that adheres most closely to the original Greek and Hebrew. However, there is a cost. It reads quite woodenly and at times you have to break out in a sweat to do the work that the NIV would not even cause you to notice. But it's a small price to pay to see the words of God more closely as they were originally inspired. Having said that I would also admit that many versions of Scripture are valuable and not to be quibbled over. Including the ESV, the NIV, the KJV, and so on. madchatter asks, What are the 5 biggest flaws in the TNIV? Tim_Bayly says, First, that those who issued it broke their word by doing so. Christians are supposed to keep their word. Second, that many gender markings are removed or changed. Third, that a number of places where God inspired the word Jews are changed to the words Jewish leader or simply they. Those are the top 3 of my substantial concerns of the TNIV. If you are asking for specific verses I've given 2 that are indicative of hundreds. Namely Acts 17:22 with gender markings. And John 19:12 with race markings. (The word Jews.) SpikeHost says, Chatmaster has more winners!

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