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ben25 asks, How is your argument different from that of those who violently opposed the first English translations? (Keep in mind the KJV was accused of being driven by a political agenda of its own.) Tim_Bayly says, Good question. I'm trying to get us to allow the woman in the pew to be able to read the actual words of God in her own language. It's the TNIV that is trying to keep those words from the woman in the pew thinking that she is not smart enough to piece together what God was really trying to say. ben25 asks, On your website, you say the TNIV hides the "sex-marking" (grammatical gender) of Greek words, distorting meaning. If so, the same is true for Bibles that use “he” for the Holy Spirit, since the "sex-marking" of the word for Spirit is neuter. Why don’t you say this? Is "sex-marking" significant to meaning only when you want it to be? Tim_Bayly says, Because to refer to God the Holy Spirit as "it" communicates less truth than to refer to Him as "he." We believe in a three person -- not a three entity -- God. canmft asks, In much of today's society, gender inclusivity has become essential and expected. How would defend your critique of this translation, to those who have come to believe that gender inclusive terminology is the correct usage of the English language? Tim_Bayly says, Excellent question. The neutering of language in the interest of our feminist culture is not an innocent thing. As I said earlier it's part of a larger attack upon the Fatherhood of God and it's manifestation, it's imprint, on His creation and Word. Battles like this always have language at their center. Choose a man's words and you force his thoughts. The Fatherhood of God is so central to the Christian faith that to confess Christ is to confess Abba Father. Every time the human race is named Adam in the Hebrew Old Testament a world of theological truths is carried in its meaning. The human race is named by the father of that race, Adam. The federal headship of Adam -- that in Adam we all died -- is carried by the naming of the race Adam. When we hide or delete this we obscure truths at the center of our faith. So we have a choice, we can either signal our political correctness and cultural sensitivity using the text of Scripture to confess that faith OR we can use the text of Scripture to call our culture to every truth of Biblical faith. We cannot do both. scaevola_g asks, Bible translation can be a complicated subject. Do you have any advice or resources for lay Christians interested in defending the accurate translation of God's Word? Tim_Bayly says, Yes, first read the Gospels and see how Jesus handled the Word of God and with what precision He submitted to its prophecies. Second, read the "Gender Neutral Bible Controversy" by Poythress and Grudem. Third, go look at the list of verses on our website at and see for yourself what is at stake. Fourth, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give you a fear of God and a love for His Word. Tim_Bayly says, In closing, I realize that some might look at this debate as a tempest in a teapot. What's at stake here is one of the two doctrines that is central to our evangelical faith -- the substitutionary atonement and the plenary verbal inspiration of Scripture. Make no mistake this division is a real one and behind it are competing worldviews. Even if we admit that many on the opposite side of this present controversy do not intend to promote the pagan feminist worldview. Yes, division and conflict within the Church are painful, but when has the Church grown in her doctrine and practice without such division? Take Galatians, for instance. Thanks for allowing me to be here. Tim_Bayly bows gracefully. SpikeHost says, Tim, it's been a pleasure having you here tonight. Come and see us again soon!

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