Francis, in previous stanzas, used the deepest and fullest part of the ocean’s water to metaphorically describe the power and magnitude of the love of Christ. It is immeasurable, he penned. It rolls over us as the waves of the tide and we can feel it underneath us, all around us! It leads us as He watches over us; those for whom He died to call His own. And nothing… nothing!... can compare to it. It is, as Francis wrote, “the heaven of heavens.”

Have You Felt This Love?
My daughter’s stray from such love was brief. From start to finish, it lasted about two years. In a recent interview for Coral Ridge Ministries (Dr. D. James Kennedy), she said, “I had a moment where I felt close to God again and I opened up that door again and made a decision… I didn’t want anything to keep me away from that.”

What drew her back to the Lord? That same love she’s been told about as a little girl by a young minister of the Gospel. The love that had willingly nailed itself to a cross on a hill called Golgatha over two thousand years ago. The love that was so strong, so incredibly strong, it burst through the gates of hell and death, resurrected itself and continues to live in the hearts and souls of those He calls His friends. His brothers and sisters. His bride.

Especially this time of year — as florists prepare fragrant bouquets, and greeting card companies thrill to the increase in sales, as romantic restaurants polish their silver and wipe down their crystal, and as young men and women plot and plan some special moment of love — many others feel lonely, forgotten, unloved, and unlovable.

Well, that’s just not so. If that is you, allow me to speak to your heart: there is One who loves you more than you can imagine. His is a love that draws you (Song of Solomon 1:4) as it washes over you.

His is, as Francis wrote, a love of every love, the best!

Eva Marie and Jessica Everson’s story can be read in their books, Sex, Lies, and the Media and Sex, Lies, and High School (Cook/Life Journey).  Now sought after speakers, they share their testimony to audiences of parents, grandparents, and youth workers while educating about the dangers of media to our youth culture.