The interview went really well. I gave her my ten reasons why God is the perfect walking partner. While the young woman took notes and laughed a little, I prayed she would hear more than my humor. I hoped I had properly conveyed how walking with Him could make a radical difference in anyone’s life, especially someone who has trouble making time to exercise, doesn’t enjoy it, or could use a little more faith. (Did I leave anyone out?)

After a photo shoot a few weeks later, the article hit the checkout stands in every major grocery store. They actually featured my story on the cover. What a thrill it was to have the assurance that, as someone opened up the magazine, they were also hearing of a God who wants to walk with them. Wherever, whenever, we can all show up sweaty and smelly and He’ll give us the belief and strength to continue.

Top Ten Reasons Why God Is the Greatest Walking Partner of All Time!

1. He’s never late (He created time)
2. He won’t slow you down (He’s faster than light)
3. He doesn’t let the weather affect Him (He makes it)
4. He hears all your problems (and keeps them a secret)
5. He encourages you to keep going (He doesn’t get tired)
6. He loves all music (He orchestrated sound)
7. He thinks you’re the best (you are His design)
8. He’s not competitive (He knows who would win)
9. He’ll help you to not become lost (He is a GPS)
10. He’ll whisper, “You’re my favorite” (you know He never lies)

Excerpted from Walk Strong, Look Up: The Most Powerful Exercise for Your Body and Soul, by Chantel Hobbs, Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, © 2011. Used by permission.

Publication date: September 13, 2011