~ A special message preached at Oak Hills Church by Max Lucado, September 10-11, 2005


Who would have thought we would ever hear this phrase spoken on a radio news report in America: “Today, about 25,000 refugees were moved from the Superdome in New Orleans to the Astrodome in Houston.”


For days, we’ve watched the tragedy continue to unfold in Mississippi and

Louisiana and, if you are like me, you’ve wrestled with feelings of shock and disbelief…feelings that, over the last five years, have become all too familiar.


We were barely into the new millennium when we saw towers falling in New York City and planes crashing into the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania farmland. We saw bombs over Baghdad and witnessed the ancient land of Abraham become a war zone for his ancestors. You’d think we had seen enough, but then came the tsunami—a roaring wave that sucked life and innocence out to sea.