One thing is for certain: Jesus continued to do what He was called to do and Mary and His brothers went back home where we can imagine Mary spent hours in prayer for her son and His ministry, asking His Father to keep Him within His perfect order. (I do the same for my children daily!  "Father, bind them to Your perfect order....")


Letting go is hard, isn't it, Mom? Even more so if you think that in doing so you are releasing your "little one" to His death, for this is surely how Mary must have felt. Mark 3:21 says that she wanted to "take charge of him." Like we will often do, she wanted to gather Him back to her bosom, no doubt, and keep Him from all measure of harm and evil. She wanted Him to be her little boy again, safe and sound within the walls of their family home.


But He could not be so. In order to fulfill His mission on this earth, He had to walk a dangerous road; a road that led to Calvary...and to our salvation.


Back to the personal story


I told you that my mother didn't want me to leave home and move across the state, yet this is where I met my wonderful husband. 


She wasn't happy when I told her we were moving to another state, and yet it was after the move that my relationship with God deepened to a level I would have never dreamed possible and where my ministry would begin. 


She didn't like the idea of my being in NYC and while I still don't know God's reasons on THAT one, I can rest in the knowledge that He certainly had them. 


My trip to Israel will forever be one of the most profound turning points in my life and one I anxiously await repeating. (Please don't think I'm downing my mother. Her love for me is so intense she cries every time I leave her home to return to mine and she is and shall always be one of the strongest, godliest influences of my life!)


Moms, letting go means allowing God to do HIS work within the life of your child. And yes, even when it seems that he or she is making the "biggest mistake of his life," or has quite simply, "lost her mind."


In 1763, mothers in our young land "let go" of their sons so they might fight in the war that enabled us to gain our political freedom.


Over 1700 years earlier, another mother "let go" and eventually watched her son march off to Calvary, thereby allowing us an even greater liberty: spiritual freedom.


Another great lesson from Mary to add to the ones we've already learned: