Tofu is a food that people have consumed for thousands of years in small amounts—look at the amounts that Japanese consume; it’s very small. Most of those other soy products have been altered, and they’re not in a form that is useable by the body. They all contain compounds that actually have a similar affect on the body as MSG would. And they also provide a large amount of phytoestrogens, which are plant-based estrogens that can imbalance the hormone profile in both men and women. And men certainly don’t need more estrogen!  [laughter] Soy is also very difficult to digest when it is processed because it contains something called phytic acid, which actually carries minerals out of the body and can harm certain cells in your small intestine. Processed soy is also rich in trypsin inhibitors, which inhibit protein digestion. Fermented soy products are all right—they are easier to digest. 


I think in the book I present a very good argument for why we should eat meat, and why the vegetarian reasons for not eating meat are faulty. I agree with most parts of a vegan/vegetarian diet—lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, juices, they’re all wonderful. But I believe that by adding healthy animal products to that diet, that becomes a cornerstone of a healthy diet. People that eat the foods in The Maker's Diet comment to me that they’ve never eaten so well in their life!


MC: You obviously suffered extreme illness before you changed your way of life. Based on the feedback you are getting, is your book being read more by people in “typical” health or by people in extreme cases such as yours?


Rubin: Typical health. In the introduction to the book, I describe who this book is aimed at. I talk about a 42-year-old woman who is 20 pounds overweight, with a husband who is 30 pounds overweight. She wants to eat healthy but doesn’t really know how. She has two children, one is overweight with ADHD and the other has asthma. Her father just died of a heart attack. Her mother has arthritis. And this is what we consider “healthy” today: the absence of a serious disease! That’s not what God calls health. Moses by all accounts was healthy until the end at 120. Joshua died at 110, fighting battles up until the end. There is no term in the Bible for nursing home, or retirement, or assisted living. These people, as they grew older, they grew wiser and more productive.


I have two grandmothers. One did not follow this plan; she got Parkinson’s disease, and lived about five years in steady decline physically and mentally until she died. My other grandmother is 82, has beaten cancer and has gotten extremely healthy by following these principles in the latter part of her life. This I think is the difference between following God’s plan and not. We’re missing what I think could be the most productive part of our lives. 


And the church today is doing very little to help people get healthy. My vision is that one day, you’ll turn on the news and they’ll say ‘Science now confirms that Christians are healthier than non-Christians, and have less cancer, less heart disease, fewer strokes.’ Do you realize what that would do to the Body? Churches wouldn’t be able to be built big enough or fast enough to fit all the people that would be desperate to hear about our God, if we really took heed to His principles and lived a life that was glorifying to Him.