The same goes for marriage, finances—it’s all of that. For me, I want to see in my lifetime, which I hope will be another 50 to 70 years, that God’s people will once again become a city on a hill, a peculiar people set apart for His purposes to bring Him glory and ultimately lead a lost and dying world to salvation. The church right now is, at best, only as healthy as the world, and quite possibly less healthy.


MC: If someone isn’t ready yet to jump overboard and do the complete Maker’s Diet program, what are the most essential parts of the plan that you recommend they start with?


Rubin: We’ve developed something called The Maker’s Diet Success Kit, which is a 40-day health experience in a box. It has all the educational materials needed, and I take people step-by-step through the program.


As far as tools go, the three best tools are the whole food, living multivitamin that we call ‘Living Multi.’ Also, cod liver oil—which everyone has an awful image in their head of that, but it provides four nutrients that virtually everyone is deficient in, and it is great for preventing almost every major disease. And then the advanced hygiene system


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