God immediately began bringing to my mind numerous times of when I had done all of my own planning for my life. Countless memories flooded in from childhood through adulthood of times when my Plan A didn't work out. Sad to say, many of those memories showed that I didn't respond with laughter and trust in a God who always has a Plan B ready and waiting. Many times I got angry and refused to accept it at all. If I couldn't have it my way then I wanted no way!

The one memory that kept repeating revolved around the birth of our third daughter. We had already had two successful pregnancies producing two sweet healthy baby girls. No. 3 was on the way and we were thrilled. Heart problems developed. Later she was born with one weak kidney, requiring three surgeries before age 1.

Thinking we were out of the woods only led us to the realization that she was not developing even close to the same level as other kids her age. After years of the vague diagnosis of developmental delay, we were finally given the label of intellectual delay. Any parent would be lying if they said they didn't secretly have their own dreams for their kids. Each parent deals with the disappointment of the loss of those dreams realizing that Plan A is no longer a possibility.

It has taken time, but now that my sweet Caroline is 10 years old I have not only allowed Plan A to fall by the wayside, but also I have found myself embracing Plan B because I know that God is the Giver of all good gifts. My trust is in Him. As I looked back over all of the Plan Bs that God have given me I realized that they were so much more beautiful than my Plan As. I realized that God could not make me into the husband and father that I am today without operating in the realm of Plan Bs.

I may be a slow learner when it comes to the things God wants to teach me, but I am so thankful that I have learned to simply take a deep breath when things don't go my way knowing that somewhere out there is a little boat docked in an Arizona lake with the big bold letters on the back: PLAN B.