PW: I think the majority of us are living mediocre, unexamined lives, and we don't pause to really understand this incredible story that God is working in us and through us. I wish that as human beings there was something inside us that would wake us up to the story of God besides crisis, besides Jordan Rivers, besides shattered dreams. But the reality is, for pretty much every person I have ever met, without crisis and without shattered dreams, we live unexamined, mediocre lives. It is not until we experience pain, it is not until we experience a shattered dream or a Plan B, that we actually wake up to the story of God that is going on in us and through us. Then we start to seek Him, and we start to become serious about wanting to become the men and women that He has created us to be.

Pete Wilson is the pastor of Cross Point Community church in Nashville. Visit his blog at
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Publication date: October 4, 2010