God wants to use you. Are you willing?  We, Bobbye Brooks and I (ministry co-founders of Daily Disciples Ministries) can tell you that we did not want to step out in faith over 4 ½ years ago to have a women's conference in an oversized auditorium. We had a difficult time believing that God was asking us to do something that was so uncomfortable and scary and vulnerable; it was an event that just welcomed rejection and failure. And the first and second year, that is what we got: not many people and a whole lot of conflicts and challenges. The first year, I can remember peeking from behind the curtain, praying that more women would come through those doors. But they didn't. Did we want to quit? Yes. Did we question God? Absolutely. Was there any encouragement or support from those closest to us at the time? No.

But God is able. God is faithful. And on January 30, 2010, we could only give the glory, honor and praise to God who had worked miracles in the lives of others at the Power of Friendship Conference. Over 1200 women were sitting in that same auditorium years later which had now become the perfect size to laugh and cry and hug each other. We saw 125 women raise their hands to come to know Christ as their personal Savior and Lord and well over 600 women came down to the altar to completely surrender their hearts to God's will and ways in their lives. Only the Lord could have done this and we stand amazed and blessed to participate in the process. He gave us the strength to endure. He alone gets the glory.

God can use you to reach out to others through His power and promises as He works through you to make a difference in their lives. You can do it…but will you? If you have heard the Lord within the depths of your soul, do not give up. Continue to respond to His call. Know that God has placed you here during this period of time to do a work for Him. He can and He will use you if you are willing.  It will be challenging, but in time, you will have realized that you were the one who was completely blessed.

Tonilee Adamson is the cofounder of Daily Disciples Ministries, Inc., as well as a radio host, author and speaker. Visit the Daily Disciples website at www.dailydisciples.org, and click here to read or sign up for delivery of the Daily Disciples Devotional through Crosswalk.com.

Original publication date: March 1, 2010