JANET:  Talk about how you came from the business world and how you came to World Vision and a little bit about your background, if you don’t mind talking about yourself.  This is for crosswalk.com on the faith channel putting a human face behind of the work of World Vision.


JANET:  How long have you been at World Vision?


ATUL: Three years.


JANET: And prior to that?


ATUL:  Prior to that I was with Citibank Citigroup for as long as I can remember.


JANET:  And what made you decide to make the switch from the business world to ministry?


ATUL:  It is really a God thing.  It was that the latter half of my career with Citi that I came to faith and there was an increasing restlessness that the Lord wanted me to do something else for the Kingdom .I went through a period of time where you have these events happen to you in your life and one such event happened to me.  I went into a pretty difficult illness if you will.  I came out of that just realizing that it was the grace of God that had brought me out of it at the end.  And by golly he was going to have me do something else and I was gonna do it.  So I came out and told my wife that we were going to go off and find a Christian ministry to work in and started looking and somehow managed to find World Vision.  At that time they were looking for a person to help them in marketing communication organization.   It’s interesting, actually you will appreciate it.  I found their ad on the web. 


JANET:  Great.


ATUL:  This is in 1999 when it wasn’t prevalent with all that advertising.  A headhunter had put up a little thing on his website – World Vision’s headhunter  - and that’s all there was to it.  So I tracked the guy down to his home in Florida, vacation home, and through his credit he took the risk to come out and meet me.  From then on Brenden MacRich (???)  my boss is absolutely a fantastic guy to work for.  Very impressive.  I really felt after I met him and the team that the Lord is calling me to World Vision.  And joined them in 2000 – it’s been a fantastic journey.


JANET:  Exciting.  How long has it been since you came to faith, has it been pretty recent? 


ATUL:  Thirteen years.


JANET: Ok, ten for me. And how did that happen for you?


ATUL:  That is a wonderful story, I’ll give you the short version.  It clearly is an act of God.  My wife and I both come from traditional Hindu family and found ourselves when our son was about a year old he fell quite ill, and we both found ourselves at our wits end about what to do and who to turn to.  At that time a Christian ministry couple who were Indians stepped into our lives.  Their influence, you could see Jesus in their eyes, there’s no other way to describe it.   He’s compelling, He’s not gonna let you go.  And both of us, praise God, came to faith, and just had a phenomenal time. There’s no other way to describe it; our journey has been a wonderful life.