With that understanding, every Christian musician is a worshiper with a responsibility.


Whether you're a guitar player, keyboardist, vocalist, drummer, bass player, violinist, organist, flautist, percussionist, or sax player, you have been given a gift that God desires to use for His glory. We'll spend the next few weeks examining our role in God's plans. My hope is that by the end of this series you'll be provoked, informed, and inspired to use music in the way it was originally intended.




This column’s content is derived from a message that Bob gave at Sovereign Grace’s “A Passion for the Glory of God” worship conference this past August.  You can order the tape or CD from Sovereign Grace’s online store: http://www.sovereigngracestore.com/worcon201.html


Bob’s outline for “The Call of the Christian Musician” is available for downloading on the Sovereign Grace online store.

You can download the outline here.


Bob Kauflin is   PDI's director of worship development and author of the Internet worship theology column, Worship Matters.