That doesn't mean it's wrong for me to present my music to God as an act of worship. In fact, I should do that. However, the worship doesn't stop when the music does. It continues as I listen to the message, speak to my friends when the meeting is over, or help tear down the equipment.


We're always worshiping something or someone. We can't help it. The question is WHO will we worship at each moment? Every Christian musician is called, by God's mercy, to see worship as a way of life.

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This column was derived from a message that Bob gave at the Sovereign Grace Ministries "A Passion for the Glory of God" worship conference this past August. You can order tapes or CDs from this conference at the Sovereign Grace online store. "The Call of the Christian Musician" audio message:


Bob's outline for "The Call of the Christian Musician" is available for downloading on the Sovereign Grace web site. You can download the outline here: