"The Christian musician has no right whatsoever to assume that anything other than the mind of Christ and the Creatorhood of God should guide every note composed, arranged, played and sung. This is nothing other than good stewardship. The reason is simple: God the Creator has made it clear that function and worth, usefulness and integrity, are to be joined in every action." (Harold Best, Music Through the Eyes of Faith, p. 30)


Surely the usefulness of music includes but is not limited to eliciting and expressing feelings of comfort, joy, love and peace. God is not against our finding pleasure in music. However, like all gifts, it is intended to direct our attention and affections to God. We enjoy music because it dimly reflects the character, nature, beauty, and creativity of the One who gave it to us.


Next time we'll look at three more ways Christian musicians are set apart from the world.


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This column was derived from a message that Bob gave at the Sovereign Grace Ministries "A Passion for the Glory of God" worship conference this past August. You can order tapes or CDs from this conference at the Sovereign Grace online store. "The Call of the Christian Musician" audio message: http://www.sovereigngracestore.com/worcon201.html



Bob's outline for "The Call of the Christian Musician" is available for downloading on the Sovereign Grace web site. You can download the outline here: http://www.pdinet.org/teaching/conferences/passion2002.html