Remember when?


How did life look for you in the light of a brand new day? When you died to your old self to be born again, what was never the same for you? When the lights went on, when the Spirit filled you with a fresh perspective, what were you like?


Do you ever look back on the period immediately following your conversion experience? What kind of memories do you have? Do you miss the fire, and want it re-stoked? Do you grin sheepishly about the splinters you tried to remove from all the eyes around you, oblivious to the big ol’ tree growing out of your own? Or do you laugh in fond recollection of your inaugural season and all the rookie mistakes you made?


Recently, Faith Community Network user g_angelzz “was reflecting… on different ‘stages’ I went through when I first came to Christ, and noticed that a lot of new Christians go through them.” Thus began a forum discussion that, by the time I happened upon it, was loaded with all the hopes and hindrances of learning and proclaiming a fresh faith.


Many of g_angelzz’s respondents said things like, “That was me!” Or, “I can't believe other new Christians were like that, too!” Admittedly, it was nice to see that I’m not the only person who ever melted a compact disc, or had to learn that the verse says slow to speak and quick to listen, not the other way around.


Others who had grown up in the church acknowledged they never really had much of a "new Christian" experience, but even then, if you’ve ever encountered a baby Christian for whom a parable refers to a couple of steers rather than a story Jesus told, this column’s for you.


Sometimes things are funny because they’re true, other times the truth stings a bit, and other truths are profound. So we’ve broken the community observations out into four categories. But whatever the case, Psalms 51:6 in The Message paraphrase applies: “What you're after is truth from the inside out. Enter me, then; conceive a new, true life.”


So with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, we present…


You know you’re a new Christian when…

(The foibles of on-fire innocence)


10. think Benediction is a chain of restaurants. –figmentPez


9.  …you think anyone attending fewer than four Bible studies a week is backsliding. --tomp


8.  …your head spins trying to figure the difference between a First Chronicle and a Second Corinthian. –zerblig


7.  ...everything, including what's for dinner, is a sign from God as to what you should do (example: tacos are for dinner; God must want me to go to Mexico on a mission trip). –GraceGrabber