Truth be told, Ziglar said, he generally bathes faith in humor. He spoke of an atheist father and son walking on the beach. The son says, "Dad, do think God knows we don't believe in Him?"


No ethical business can survive unless it follows biblical principles, Ziglar said, noting that biblical principles work in every setting.


One way he witnesses is by a lapel pin he wears, the motivational speaker said. It's a fish outline with a number seven inside. When people ask him about it he tells them, "There are seven days in a week. They all belong to Jesus. I do not worship a part-time Lord, so I do not serve Him on a part-time basis."


Ziglar returned again and again to his main point.


"We've got to get serious about witnessing and we've got to get serious about telling people what this is all about and we've got to do some things now," Ziglar said. "The way God does things, the way the Bible does things, if you will follow the benefits, I'm going to tell you folks it works and it works big-time. All I'm saying, folks, is this ain't a bad deal. This ain't a bad deal.


"I have a tremendous sense of urgency right now," Ziglar said. "Our country is in crisis. We do need to claim 2 Chronicles 7:14. Read it for yourself. We can't blame the government, politicians or the media. We've got to go out and follow the Great Commission.


"But understand, we have already won the war," Ziglar added. "We need to claim the victory."