Maybe modesty is a word you don't really want to think about. Perhaps you've had a vague idea that it means "ugly" or "out of style."  It may not have occurred to you that God has something to say about the clothes you wear. 

As do all Scriptural commands, this command to modesty and self-control has broader implications than merely externals, what we wear.  It goes right to the heart of WHY we wear what we wear.  Our clothes, whether we realize it or not, say something.  They give us away.  They reveal the heart behind the clothes we wear. A modest heart comes before modest dress. 

So what do your clothes say about your heart? What would we discover if we met your closet before we met you?  Do your clothes reveal a heart of modesty and self-control?   

Modesty - What It's Not

Nicole: Thanks everyone, for sticking with us on this very important topic of modesty. In a world where modesty is anything but popular, your eagerness to please God by your dress testifies to His work of grace in your heart.

Please know that this series isn't about imposing some kind of girltalk clothing standard. It's about applying God's standard and wisdom to the area of our dress. Ultimately, as Janelle said, it's about our hearts; for, a modest heart comes before modest dress.

You see, immodest dress is more than simply wearing skimpy clothing. Often, it's an expression of pride, the opposite of humility. Simply put, immodest clothes are pride on display. In his book Humility: True Greatness , my dad explains that "The proud person seeks to glorify himself and not God, thereby attempting in effect to deprive God of something only He is worthy to receive."

In other words, the immodest girl seeks to dress in a way that draws attention to herself and to her body, instead of serving others and bringing glory to the Savior.

How can we know if pride is our fashion style of choice? By considering our motives: why we wear what we wear. Here are three arrogant desires that can often motivate the way we dress. I know, because I'm familiar with all of them.

1.   A desire to be selfish.
I simply don't want to invest the time and effort required to find modest clothing. I mean, let's face it—it's not easy to be modest these days! I have to try on three times as many pairs of jeans as the girl who isn't concerned about modesty. I might as well go on an archeological dig--it's that hard to find a stylish, attractive shirt or dress that's modest. Not to mention that I have to leave hanging on the rack many things that I think would look really great on me! However, when I grumble and complain or make excuses for immodesty, I'm putting my selfish desires above serving others and glorifying Christ. That's pride.

2.   A desire to show off.
I want people to think I'm trendy. I want them to include me because of how I dress. I worry they'll reject me if I don't dress a certain way. This is a common temptation. But really, it's just another campaign for my own glory. I want the attention from others that I should be directing to God instead.

3.   A desire to seduce.
This is the most serious of the three. While many women who choose immodest clothing aren't literally trying to seduce a guy, in it's infancy, there can be a desire for that lustful attention. We want to feel attractive and desirable. However, this is sinful, and a particularly virulent form of pride. It's says: I'm worthy of the kind of attention that's forbidden in God's Word. It tempts men to sin against God's holiness.