God calls all Christians, regardless of gender, to engage in the spiritual battles that take place every day in our fallen world.  But women can be particularly successful in the war against evil, because they tend to be sensitive to the spiritual realm, and they're often committed to helping those they love by praying for them.

If you're a woman who's ready to use the power of prayer to fight evil, enter the battle that's happening around you with the confidence that God is on your side.  Here's how you can fight evil through spiritual warfare:

Recognize the reality of evil at work around you.  Always keep in mind that Satan and his demons are real and active in our fallen world; don't be deceived by thinking that evil doesn't affect your life and the lives of those you love.  Ask God to give you the ability to discern evil at work in the various situations you encounter. 


Allow yourself to feel indignation at the evil oppression you notice around you.  Let your desire to see what's right replace what's wrong motivate you to engage in spiritual warfare.  If you're wondering whether or not a particular trial you're experiencing is due to God's correction or an evil attack, keep in mind that God's correction is marked by conviction about an attitude or deed, a call to repentance, an assurance of forgiveness, and a restoration of a sense of value as God's child, while an evil attack is marked by accusation, condemnation, depression, hopelessness, and destroyed self-esteem.


Make prayer a top priority.  Adjust your schedule to make the time you'll need to pray through spiritual warfare issues regularly.  Let go of unnecessary activities in your life that take up valuable time you could otherwise be spending in prayer.  Eliminate distractions so you can focus on what matters most from an eternal perspective.


Be confident.  Realize that, while you are vulnerable to evil whenever you choose not to obey God or draw upon the strength He offers you, you can always win over evil if you rely on God's power working through you, since God's power is far greater than evil's power.  Be confident that you can triumph in spiritual battles if you make use of God's provisions and obey His instructions.


Use the Bible's truth to fight evil's lies.  God's Word, the Bible, contains great power to combat the enemy's lies with the truth.  Ask God to help you gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and build an arsenal of biblical verses to use during spiritual warfare.


Go for prayer walks.  Walk around the physical places over which you're praying for evil spirits to flee and the Holy Spirit to influence.  Travel in pairs, and while you walk, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what evil is doing there.  Then bind evil's work and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth about Jesus to the people there.  Cover places such as schools, parks, government buildings, stores, offices, restaurants, nightclubs, and residential neighborhoods.  Declare that God will be victorious over evil in each place you walk.

Be disciplined.  Rather than rushing into spiritual warfare, always make time to sense the Holy Spirit's leading and follow it one step at a time, trusting the Spirit for continued guidance on the right strategy and timing.  Prepare yourself to engage in spiritual battles by fasting, controlling your thoughts so they reflect biblical truth, and praying for the Holy Spirit to renew your mind.  Be patient when you encounter hardship while battling evil; continue to trust God through difficulty.  Pray for the self-control you need to avoid sinning through the words you speak (such as through gossiping, lying, or complaining) and to speak Spirit-led words to people instead.