Use the weapons God gives you.  Besides your primary weapon - the Bible - God also makes other powerful weapons available to you to use in spiritual warfare.  Use the name of Jesus with authority over evil when you're in a right relationship with Jesus and speaking directly to evil, commanding it to leave.  Appropriate Jesus' shed blood on the Cross as protection from evil.  Praise God often, remembering that He empowers you and helps you fight evil from a position of victory rather than defeat.  Make a habit of worshipping God, waiting in His presence until He makes you aware of something from the Bible to use in warfare against evil, and then using Scripture to fight along with whatever other weapons God leads you to use.  Pray in agreement with other believers when possible, to strengthen the power of your prayers.

Close doors that evil can enter.  Make sure that you're not giving Satan access to your life through doors such as: sin that you haven't confessed and repented from, limited knowledge of God's Word and purposes, failure to spend time in prayer, fatigue, immaturity, a preoccupation with yourself rather than serving God, tension in your relationships with other people, and inadequate prayer coverage over you from other believers.  Pay special attention to your relationships with your family at home, like your spouse and children, since strife with them can make you all vulnerable to evil.  Intercede for them regularly and do all you can to build relationships with them that honor God.

Break bondages.  Ask the Holy Spirit to make you aware of any issues that may be putting you in bondage to evil, such as: generational sin, unforgiveness, grief, bitterness, addictions, a negative self image, illicit sexual activity, and occult involvement.  Confess and repent of any sins the Spirit reveals to you, and renounce those sins going forward.  Accept God's forgiveness for yourself, and forgive other people who have hurt you.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you break sinful thought and behavior patterns in your life so you can live a healthier and more faithful life.

Don't give up.  Never give up fighting a spiritual battle until you sense that God has given you the victory over evil in the situation.  Trust God to accomplish His will - not your own - in the right way and at the right time.

Adapted from A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Warfare: Protect Your Home, Family and Friends from Spiritual Darkness, copyright 2010 by Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock. Published by Regal Books, a division of Gospel Light, Ventura, Ca.,

Quin Sherrer has written or co-authored 28 books (primarily with Ruthanne Garlock), has spoken to television audiences in 40 states and 12 nations, and has been a guest on more than 300 radio and television programs addressing topics of prayer, hospitality, miracles, and personal renewal.  Quin lives in Niceville, Florida, and serves on the leadership team of the Northwest Florida Area Aglow.  She has three children and six grandchildren.

Ruthanne Garlock is a Bible teacher and author with a varied background in international ministry to 35 nations.  She has co-authored (with Quin Sherrer) 19 books on prayer and related subjects.  Ruthanne lives in the Texas Hill Country and continues traveling and teaching on prayer and spiritual warfare for seminars, churches, and women's groups.  She has three children and four grandchildren.