Change Up Your Cooking

Try some new recipes! Don’t overcomplicate things by getting overwhelmed. When I go to the store I have a few meals planned in my mind. I always cook enough for leftovers (meat), and then I make a meal from that. Make up extra meals and freeze for the days that you don’t feel like cooking. It’s okay to occasionally put a frozen pizza in the oven and serve with a salad, or make grilled cheese and tomato soup, or even breakfast for dinner! Or swap a main dish with a friend like I recently did (here). I just don’t stress over cooking – and neither should you!

Don’t Procrastinate

Remember, it doesn't take great intellect to do housework. It takes great care to do it well but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to scrub floors and mix bread. I’ve found that getting in there and just getting it done – fast – really helps. Turn on music, put your IPOD in your pocket, and make a goal of how fast you can get the chore done. Whatever your method, just DO IT! Procrastinating robs you of productivity. Keep the spiritual meaning to it, remind yourself that's there's a greater purpose for it, and try to keep a positive attitude. I always tell myself, I am doing this for my family!

Schedule a Date

If you are married, schedule a date night with your honey. Having a dinner out is definitely something to look forward to. Trade babysitting with another family, and work on keeping your marriage alive. I had to learn how to prioritize this, and then it became essential for my marriage. I remember the days when my kids were little and I knew I had a date night with my husband – I couldn’t wait! If you are single, schedule a dinner or a movie out with a friend. It’s still good to get out and change the routine.

Changing things up a bit can help you get out of the mundane and back into the land of the living. And changing things up a bit can also help get my eyes off of myself and on to others and God.

Yes, it’s possible to find God in the mundane – to be reminded of His blessings to us in our home lives, and to have the privilege of caring for what He has given us. It just takes a little effort on our parts.

Sandy Coughlin is a wife and mother of 3. She loves her family and loves blessing other people's lives by entertaining in her home. Sandy’s husband, Paul, (who used to be the reluctant entertainer) has come on board, and they often offer hospitality together. Sandy and Paul co-authored a book called Married but Not Engaged(Bethany House, Aug. 2006). It's written to women who are married to "checked out" or emotionally absent men and who want to create a more satisfying, intimate relationship. This article was adapted from Sandy’s regularly updated blog “4 Reluctant Entertainers,” which you can visit at Get more information on Married but Not Engaged by clicking here. Visit Paul's website at: