Three Key Questions to Ask

My event planning experts, mother-daughter team Brenda and Elizabeth Laurence, say it’s important to plan an event around three questions:

1. What’s your purpose? Is it a neighborhood dessert night, a year-end office party, the family Christmas gathering?

2. What’s your theme? Is it a white elephant gift party, a neighborhood cookie exchange, or a musical theme with dinner before a concert? 

3. What’s going to make it a good time? Will you have door prizes, games, party favors, catered food, live music?

Once you answer those questions, you’re ready to plan your event. Whether you are the host/hostess or a contributing member to an event, you will find it is one of the best gifts you give this year – open-door hospitality. It’s rare these days, but it’s also one of the best memories of the season. The joy shared will be felt the whole next year for the effort you extend. Everyone wants to be invited and included somewhere at the holidays. Let them know they’re special to you. 

Excerpted from Simplify Your Holidays by Marcia Ramsland. Copyright (c) 2008 by Marcia Ramsland. Reprinted by permission of Thomas Nelson

Marcia Ramsland well knows as "The Organizing Pro" for her practical skills and tips to manage busy lives, has a flair for making organizing easy to achieve and fun. She is an international speaker and media personality appearing on TV, radio, and international magazines. She is the author of Simplify Your Life, Simplify Your Time, and Simplify Your Space, and believes anyone can get more organized and simplify. Visit