I went back home with the family who had faithfully walked through the last seven months with me, and they continued to minister to me and to comfort me. I returned empty-handed, yet not empty. I had seen a glimpse of God, and this family continued to minister to and comfort me.

Throughout those months, I saw the kindness, mercy and provision of Christ. I got an inkling of God's sovereignty. Another year would pass until I understood His Lordship and the call to obey. But God Himself had reached down to pull me out of the sewage. He had begun fashioning an entirely new person out of me.

I wasn't the one who picked Aaron's parents - God was, and what a gracious choice He made. The Fletchers faithfully sent photos and updates over the years, and they recently brought Aaron to meet his siblings. My youngest son still asks me if we can "go get his big brother back so he can live with us." I respond by telling him, "No, son, God made Aaron a ‘Fletcher', but He was kind enough to let me be a part of the process."

God really does use all things for good. All things. He even used an abortion to stir up a family to extend His grace to a broken, desperate girl. I thank God for His goodness. I thank Him for Kim, who did not let the mistakes in her life bury her with grief or guilt. Instead she handed that tragedy back to God and let herself be used for His glory.

In my story, a baby was saved. But it goes deeper than that. Because of the love, grace and witness of others (Kim's family), that baby's mom (me) was also saved. And when I was saved, I began to teach my little daughter about God. After I was married, the five children that followed also learned of God and His amazing Grace.  My prayer is their children will hear the same story and glorify their Father in Heaven.

January 23 is Sanctity of Life Sunday. I'm thankful that our church recognizes this occasion and I pray that God will raise up others like Kim - and the Fletchers - to not only help save the lives of babies, but also to save the lives of their mothers.

January 20, 2011

Jenefer Igarashi is married to Geoff the Great and parent of six kids. Their oldest daughter is married and part of the life-changing ministry Hearts for the Lost. http://heartsforthelost.com/. Geoff and Jenefer homeschool their remaining five children and attend South Creek Church in Springfield, MO. http://www.southcreekchurch.com/