And then it became personal: our house was hit. One evening we were with friends enjoying dinner and a movie. When we arrived home, apparently we surprised the thief who left the sliding back door wide open in his quick escape. My heart sank as I realized my engagement ring was gone. Silly me, I'd taken it off and forgotten to put it back on. Also missing was an opal ring my father had given me - an Australian opal he had made himself. And it was stolen. My two favorite pieces of jewelry. Gone.

Our neighbors joined in prayer again, this time with more conviction. "God, thank you for keeping us safe - that we weren't at home when they came. Thank you for protecting us. Now, please help us find out who is doing this and, if possible, get our stuff back." Our Bible Studies were going well, and we were growing in numbers and strength. And we were praying.

So, were we surprised when the sheriff's office called to say they might have recovered some of our things? We were taken into a room and asked to describe some of our stolen jewelry. We did, then they brought in some rings, chains, earrings - in a display box. Right there sat my engagement ring. I cried tears of joy because God cared and answered our prayers.

A few weeks later, while visiting my parents, they handed me my prized opal ring. They had found it in the room I had stayed in on my last visit. Another miracle to share with my neighbors.

While all of the families in our neighborhood, and especially those in our Bible studies didn't all join the same church, we all believed in the same God - and loved each other. And now, twenty-some years later, we still hear from our friends, and remember how God brought one neighborhood together through wives who studied His word and chose to believe what they read.

Mark and Kym Wright have moved several times since those early married days - and in each place they share God's love with those around them.