I’m thankful for those years. I don’t want to see them again, but I am thankful.

Listen to me, Christian, if you are drowning in the overwhelming harshness of this life right now, be encouraged and know this: God is good. He is. Yes, He does love you. He does. I promise that He will not forsake you. HE promises that He won’t forsake you. Anchor yourself to Him. Don’t be afraid. It’s ok that your prayer today only consisted of, “God, please give me faith to believe in you, because right now I don’t feel like I do”. You’re not alone. You’re not. Call out to God because He does hear you. He does care for you. And thereis a plan in place; one that is good.

I hope I see Job ‘s wife in heaven. Even though I can’t stand to be touched, I’d like to hug that lady and let her know that there was another miserable, life-weary girl out there who God was able to refine and, hopefully, in some small way, be used for His glory.

“God, you know who the ones are who are reading this right now. Lord, uphold them. Strengthen them. Let them see you and know that you love them. God, I pray that you would completely heal and fix the problems they are being battered with. You are a merciful God and are always good. Lord, if they must continue walking through the fire, please hold them close. Give them the strength and faith to walk with you through the pain in a way that glorifies your name and is a testimony of your grace to those who may be watching. Amen”.

Originally printed in Home Educating Family Magazine Summer 2011  (http://www.wellplannedday.com/ ) Jenefer Igarashi is married to Geoff the Great, a homeschooling momsie to six and a director at HomeschoolConvention.com.  http://homeschoolconvention.com/  They live in Springfield MO and attend Southcreek Church http://www.southcreekchurch.org/