One of the often neglected facts about prostitution is that the call girl's beauty and gorgeous body won't last "in the business." It won't take long before she joins the 85 percent of prostitutes who want out. But she will continue to be sold - in increasingly less prestigious venues; she'll probably be in an ordinary brothel before she's 30 and being pimped in a sleazy dive by 35.

A booking agent's recent exposé revealed that a john had offered one of her call girls $40,000 for condom-free sex. With that kind of drive for unfettered sexual intercourse, and with the power imbalance in promiscuous couplings, what chance does the girl have when the jerks want to throw away the condom? Also, why should we be surprised at the recent news that one-in-four teenage girls has an STD?

That same booking agent described the "common story" of her girls. Around age 25 they develop "that knowing, experienced look" that repels high-powered clients, and their options become very limited. Most of the girls "sort of fade away" into "loneliness and poverty."

While the public is mesmerized by the implosion of Eliot Spitzer's political ambitions, we should take time to mourn his wife's blatant pain and lament the sordid quagmire of Ashley Dupre's sad circumstances and poor choices.

Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse is a Senior Fellow of Concerned Women for America’s Beverly LaHaye Institute. She writes about contemporary issues that affect women, family, religion and culture in her regular column "Dot.Commentary."