That includes the poignant sense of regret and sadness that sometimes lingers or hovers over us, marring the twilight we longed for as our life on earth draws to a close.

Maybe the twilight you long for includes seeing your children and grandchildren grown and healthy and actively serving God—excellent aspirations! Or perhaps something a little more self-centered, such as a comfortable retirement nest egg and the ability to travel whenever and wherever you wish. Maybe it's something as simple as maintaining your health and mental faculties so you won't be a burden on someone else. If your heart is truly dedicated to serving the Lord, do you dream of coming to the twilight of your life after a long and effective term of service in ministry to God and others?

Whatever makes up the twilight you long for, there is always the chance that things may work out quite differently. We get sick, children make choices we wish they hadn't, the economy collapses, your job is phased out, an earthquake hits….

Another endless list, and another pointless activity to dwell on it. For it isn't so much what has happened (or not) by the time we reach the twilight of our lives, but rather where our heart is as we make that transition from twilight to everlasting Day, where the Son is the Light and our tears are at last wiped away. If our twilight years were as perfect as heaven, why would we want to leave here and move on? Though it's important to serve God and others until our last breath, we do so with our focus on the joys that lie ahead, not the memories or sorrows that tug at us from behind.

If we truly want the twilight we dreamed of to become a joyous reality and not a time of heartache and regret, then we must be certain that from our earliest years our dreams are focused on the One who waits for us at the end of that twilight time. With God at the center of all we do and say and think, then the inevitable fading of twilight into darkness will be washed away in the brilliant burst of Sonlight that waits to show us the way home. Even the most difficult trials or visions of evil, such as those seen by the prophet Isaiah, cannot stand up to the glory that shall one day be revealed in those of us who belong to the One who has already conquered the regrets and disappointments that lurk at twilight.

Kathi Macias ( is an award-winning author of more than thirty books, including her latest releases, No Greater Love and More than Conquerors from New Hope Publishers.