“We need more power, Lord!”

On Star Trek, Captain Kirk and his Enterprise crew frequently needed more power to escape the evil Klingons, “We need more power, Scotty!” As Christians, we should be saying, “We need more power, Lord!” Our worldliness and unbelief can cause us to have a spiritual wattage-leakage and be ineffective Christians. Have you ever tried to use an appliance that was not plugged in? You can wait all day for that cuppa java to brew – but if your coffee maker is unplugged it will not happen. We need to be plugged into God’s Power – the Holy Spirit who dwells within us. He can help us to lead empowered lives and “bravely go where no woman has gone before.” Let’s be power-holics, but let’s be dependent on His power.

“But truly I am full of power by the Spirit of the Lord…” Micah 3:8

Tonya Ruiz writes and speaks with her best friend, Nancy C. Anderson, as the Cheetah Chicks.®   They travel coast-to-coast teaching at Christian women’s events and  have been featured, individually, through national media including The 700 Club, Montel, FamilyLife Today, Moody’s Midday Connection, Coral Ridge Ministries, and Today’s Christian Woman.  For more information and instructions on how to join their Cheetah Chicks Club, go to: http://www.cheetahchicks.com/