Today I know who I am and where I am going!  I’ve discovered that the secret of “doing it all” is not doing it all!  It is finding which part of “all” He has given us to do and then doing all of that! In other words, find out what His plan is and stick to it, knowing that it is guaranteed by God Himself.

Next month:  Recognize the value of rest

A personal note from Mary:

When planning any trip, every Southerland knows that a family meeting is bound to take place. In that meeting, every family member offers suggestions and gives ideas but the final plan is left to Dad - the Plan-maker!  We are content with this scenario because Dad has an excellent track record for making great plans. So does God. He stands ready and waiting to pour His blessings through the perfect life plan He has customized and guaranteed just for you!   Don’t settle for anything less! 

 Mary Southerland is a pastor's wife, mother of two teenagers, Co-founder of GIG (Girlfriends in God), author of Hope in the Midst of Depression, Sandpaper People, Escaping the Stress Trap and Experiencing God’s Power in Your Ministry (Harvest House)and conference speaker. She is also the founder of Journey Ministry, a teaching ministry dedicated to equipping every woman for her unique journey. Visit Mary's new website at

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