Editor's Note: The following is a report on the practical applications of Debbie Taylor William's new book, The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World(Leafwood Publishers, 2010)

Women like to plan the way they hope their lives will turn out, and such plans often include enjoying good health, a fulfilling career, an exciting marriage, loving children, loyal friends, and abundant finances.  That's "Plan A."  The problem is, this is a "Plan B" world, where life rarely goes according to plan and unexpected circumstances abound.

Sometimes your plans will go awry because of sin; other times, your plans must change because they conflict with God's plans for your life.  Either way, you can plan on one thing: Even your best plans will fall apart sometimes.  When they do, however, you don't have to live in defeat.  You can make choices in the middle of "Plan B" circumstances that will help you experience God's "Plan A" for your life.  Here's how:

Trade earthly expectations for heavenly hope.  Ask God to make you aware of the unrealistic expectations you have.  Realize that expecting more from any person or situation than is reasonable will only lead you to become disappointed.  Expect to encounter disappointment as a normal part of life in a fallen world that's filled with imperfect people.  But take your disappointments to God, praying for wisdom about how you can best handle situations and relationships.  Keep in mind that, while others will sometimes let you down, God will always offer you real and lasting hope.

Trade illusive imagination for refreshing reality.  When you imagine ways you'd like your life to be, but what you imagine isn't grounded in biblical truth, your imagination becomes dangerous because it pulls you into wrong thinking that leads you to destructive decisions.  So examine your thoughts in light of God's truths.  Stop wasting time and energy on thoughts that aren't worthwhile.  Instead, ask God to show you what He has imagined and planned for your life, and think about that so you can respond to His calling for you.

Trade doomsday discouragement for delighting in your destiny.  No matter how difficult your current circumstances are, God is with you in the midst of them and will use what you're going through to accomplish something good if you trust Him to lead you through it.  Realize that doomsday thinking will lead to despair and undermine God's destiny for you.  Choose instead to invest in others in ways that will outlive you; that's where you'll find significance.

Trade fear of the future for faith in the Father.  Clear your mind of fear about the future by reminding yourself of God's promise to always be with you, helping you, in any circumstances.  Read His promises in the Bible often, surround yourself with friends who encourage you to grow in faith, and pray regularly to keep the lines of communication between God and you open and learn to recognize His voice speaking to you.

Trade being bound by bitterness to being freed by forgiveness.  If you hold onto bitterness, it will poison your soul and cause you to miss out on God's plan for your life. Choose to forgive people who hurt you, with God's help.  Let your gratitude for how much God has forgiven you for motivate you to obey His call to forgive.

Trade woeful devastation for wise discernment.  When you're facing devastating circumstances, God is there with you, available to guide you through them.  Pray for the wisdom you need to navigate your circumstances.