The only proven cure for the abuse and exploitation of women? Jesus Christ

Jesus instructed husbands to love their wives as He loved the church. (Eph. 5:21-33) God names himself as protector of the husband-less and father-less. (Ps. 9:9, 68:5, 146:9) The Lord commands his church to care for oppressed women and children. (James 1:27, Deut. 24:17-22)

Ultimately, the solution to the terrible degradation of women in China isn’t a law, an agenda or a revolution. To change the mindset, the heart must be redeemed.

It is the human sin nature that causes the sexes to engage in power struggles, and regard one sex as superior to and more necessary than the other. It’s only when woman is seen as an equal but complimentary bearer of the image of God, created for the display of His glory, that her true worth and dignity will be recognized. Only then, will she be regarded as indispensible.

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About Gabrielle Pickle: Committed to serving as a voice for silenced, Gabrielle is the Associate Director of Communications for She Is Safe, a nonprofit dedicated to providing new life to abused and exploited women and girls in highest-risk places around the world. She is also one of the contributing writers at the Unlocking Femininity online magazine, providing biblical truth to today’s woman.