A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. Proverbs 31: 10 -11

Got a man who’s not supportive of your business? Welcome to the club! Every mompreneur I know has struggled at one point or another to gain her husband’s support for her business. In fact, it’s one of the most common obstacles for moms who are running a business while raising a family. But the truth is, behind every successful mompreneur (at least the married ones!), is an encouraging and understanding husband. Not that your husband will agree with everything you do in your business, but he can reach a place where he supports you and views your business as a blessing -- not a burden. We just need to help him get there.

Let’s take my husband for example – he’s used to being publicly examined. Chris has been my Number One Fan for 17 years in my business (and for six years before that!). When we were first married and I was looking for a job, he’s the one who encouraged me to work as a freelance writer from home in our tiny apartment so that we could actually spend time together since he worked the evening shift. Whenever I was tempted to take a “real job” out of fear, he was the calming voice that reminded me to stay true to my path because this is the life we wanted to create for our family.

This is not to say that my husband is an energetic cheerleader when it comes to my travel schedule and late nights on the computer. But he believes in me and agrees that the life of the mompreneur is one that blesses our family in many ways.  

In my experience – and from what I know about my friends and clients – the arguments heat up when it comes to the two most precious resources a couple has: time and money. But underneath the surface of the disagreement is usually something deeper – an issue that is laced with fear of failure, change or loss of control. I’m not going to psycho-babble, but I want you to realize that when your husband says he doesn’t like you spending time at evening meetings or declares that you should be making more money in the business, there is usually something more to his words.

So how can you bring your husband on board with your business?

1.      Communicate clearly and honestly. Let your husband know WHY this business is so important to you. Show him how passionate you are about your goals and what it will mean to the family to see the business succeed. Help him to understand that you are fulfilling your purpose and following God’s plan by sharing your gifts with the world. Let him know that your intention is not for the business to distance you from him, but to bring you closer and give you a whole new dimension to your relationship. Present  your case to him with courage and confidence and ask for his blessing (not his permission). If you find yourself putting your dreams on hold because he feels “It’s not the right time,” then ask him to join you in prayerfully considering if it’s truly God’s time for the business.

2.      Invite him into your business. I’m not saying you need to make your husband the CEO, but you should be willing to open the books and the business to him in whatever capacity he is ready to participate. My husband is my “Vice President of Information Technology and Research.” Of course, he does not have a formal title, but I honor him for the role he plays in keeping me online and up to date. And I share my goals and decisions with him. I believe there’s no reason to hide anything from your husband. (Except maybe a new pair of black pumps – guys will never understand the need for so many shoes!). But when it comes to your business, the more he feels like he is in the dark, the more likely he will be to resist. You certainly don’t have to bore him with every detail, but do let him know that you have nothing to hide, and that he is welcome to ask anything he wants. And be sure to bring him in on the celebration each time you move forward in your business!