6. Practice Professionalism

Convey professionalism through your presentation and communication with customers. Choose a logo, and make sure that your business cards, website, and email signature include the logo as well as your most up-to-date contact information. This gives your company a professional look, and it gives customers a symbol to associate with your business. Also, when communicating with customers, employees, and colleagues, be personable but professional. Try to respond to emails in a timely manner, and, when you meet with a client, always dress to represent.

7. Stay Balanced

It’s easy for your business to take over your life, especially if you’re working from home. This is why it’s vital to create and maintain business hours. It’s also important to evaluate how well you’re spending your time. Every few months, ask yourself, “Is my work cutting into my family/personal time too much? If so, is there anything I can change to improve the situation?” Sometimes you’re stuck working long hours for a season, but try to keep it to “a season” and not the entire life of your business.

I would like to leave you with one last thought. My self-esteem is often tied to my business. It helps me to remember this simple truth: As Christians, our worth is not found in the success of our businesses, in the reputation of our business, or even in making our customers happy. Rather, our worth is in found in Jesus Christ. We are His children. Our businesses are merely one way we spread His love to the world around us.

Felicia Alvarez lives in Southern California and loves avocados, sunshine, and serving her Savior. Currently, she teaches dance to over one hundred students and is working on her second book. Connect with Felicia on her blog or Facebook—she would love to hear from you.

Publication date: February 7, 2013