3. Make time for yourself. This is especially important if you are a working parent, and find that every waking minute is devoted to meeting someone else's needs. You can't go on indefinitely like this. Find time to take 15-minute "vacations" to read a magazine, take a walk, play a computer game or visit with a friend. Schedule a few hours each month to do something that recharges your batteries like playing a sport, taking an enrichment class or going to the theater or a museum. Exercise regularly and do other things to treat yourself well. You need to take care of yourself if you are going to continue taking care of other people and responsibilities.

4. Make your faith a priority. We lose hope when we aren't focused on God. We become anxious when we focus on fear rather than faith. Our lives seem meaningless when we forget why God put us on this earth. It is easy to let our lives get off-kilter in this world. Staying on-course with God's plan for your life requires "seeking first the kingdom of God." Choose to schedule in Bible reading, prayer, regular worship and service activities. Your life is about much more than your work! You are an indispensable part of God's eternal plan. He loves you and wants you to experience an abundant, soul-satisfying life.

5. Plan your career change. If none of the above activities are enough to change your circumstances, you may need to make a career change. Consider hiring a career coach to help you expedite the process and make confident career decisions. You can take control of your career future. You don't have to stay stuck. Taking a small step—such as learning the steps of good career planning or seeing what career coaching and career testing are all about—will start the momentum that can turn your life around. 

September 10, 2010

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