Making a decision, however, is not enough. You must take action! And, to take effective action, you must have a plan. Many people do their "career planning" by seeing what is available in the classified ads, or sending out resumes, or enrolling in an educational program hoping that will help them to determine a direction. By now you can see how taking these types of actions, when the person has not completed action stages 1, 2 and 3 is really just gambling that their "choice" is going to be a good one. 

Once you have systematically worked through the first three action stages, you can easily develop an action plan to accomplish your goal. Your action plan may include conducting a job search. You will be ready! Action stages 1 - 3 will enable you to: (1) target the work for which you are well suited; and, (2) describe your abilities to a prospective employer. Thus, by completing these steps you can not only target the type of work that would be most fulfilling and meaningful, but you can also prepare yourself for "marketing" yourself much more effectively. You job search will be easier and much more productive!

We hope that you can see how these action steps build upon one other, and allow you to work in partnership with God to use your gifts and abilities in work that you love to do. If you would like assistance with any of these steps please contact us about individual career counseling. We would consider it a privilege to assist you! Learn more about our many services that can assist you.

Kevin & Kay Marie Brennfleck, National Certified Career Counselors, are the directors of the Christian Career Center and Church Jobs Online. (Through these sites you can search hundreds of current job listings from churches, ministries and Christian employers, post your free or featured resume and obtain career counseling and testing to discover work that fits your God-given design.)