Editor's Note: The following is a report on the practical applications of Henry and Richard Blackaby's book, Marketplace: Experiencing His Will in Your Work, (B&H Publishing Group, 2009).   

God cares about your work in the business world just as much as He does about what you do at church or any other part of your life. He has great plans for you on the job, and once you discover them, you can start the adventure of joining God on divine assignments.

Here are some questions you can ask to discover God’s will for you at work:

“What is God’s ultimate goal for my life as a businessperson?” What God wants to do most in your life is to make you more like Jesus. God’s primary concern is your spiritual growth, not your success in the corporate world. God will allow whatever is necessary into your life – both on the job, and off – to help you grow to become more like Jesus.

“How should I model Christ to the people I work with?” Those who do business with you should see evidence of God’s work in your life and be drawn to God themselves as a result. Make sure your business decisions reflect complete honesty and integrity. Forgive those who mistreat you. Treat people with kindness, patience, and generosity. Be humble in both good and bad times. Aim to let people see God working through your life.

“How can I stay strong when I’m the only Christian at my workplace?” The key is to work with other people outside your workplace to keep yourself accountable to living faithfully. Ask your friends and family to pray for you, and make sure that you have at least one accountability partner (your spouse, a friend, etc.) with whom you can regularly discuss your life at work and who can encourage and support you in your faith.

“How do I stay humble and still succeed in the fiercely competitive business world?” Recognize that whatever success you’ve been able to achieve is thanks to God giving you opportunities and empowering you. Derive your sense of self-worth from your relationship with God so you’re not in bondage to other people’s praise and affirmation. When you understand who you are, and who God is, you can become a person of great influence at work.

“How can I find time for spiritual growth and study when I’m this busy?” Be intentional about growing spiritually by freeing up space in your life for reading and studying the Bible and devotional material and planning to do so regularly. Find some other people who are serious about growing spiritually, and talk with them when you can to discuss what you’re learning.

“How do I maintain a devotional life when I’m constantly traveling?” Find creative ways to use your downtime to communicate with God through prayer, read your Bible, listen to Christian CDs, etc. Use the time you have on flights, in hotel rooms at night, and any other place your travels take you. If you’re in a different city over a weekend, visit a church from a different denomination while you’re there to experience a worship style that’s new to you.

“I haven’t been a very good Christian example at work. How do I start now?” Repent of your actions by agreeing with God about your sin and making the changes He wants you to make in your attitudes and behaviors. Ask God to help you reconcile with anyone at work whom you may have harmed in the past. Then, from now on, follow God’s guidance when making decisions at work and expect your relationships with others there to change as a result.