“How do I know if God is calling me out of the business world and into Christian ministry?” Examine what God has been doing in your life lately. Has He drawn your attention to specific ministry concerns while drawing your attention away from your current work? Or is God using you to reach people in the business world, right where you are now?

Ask people who know you well what they notice about your impact on God’s kingdom. Talk with your pastor and some trusted friends about any new calling you sense from God. If you’re feeling restless in your current job, pray about it, asking God to show you how He wants to continue to use your life to minister to others – either through your current job, a new assignment in the business world, or in professional ministry of some kind.

“How should I pray for my business?” Make sure you’re praying with the right motives. Instead of asking God to make you successful and rich, offer your business to God for him to accomplish His purposes in His own way. God won’t respond to self-serving prayers, but He will respond to prayers that reflect pure motives and an eternal perspective.

Also remember that God’s ways are much different from human ways. Don’t assume that what other business experts recommend is applicable to the situations you face. Instead, seek God’s advice through prayer and expect that God’s answer for your own business may be radically different from what others are currently facing. When you regularly pray for God to accomplish His purposes through your business, you’ll have the right perspective on your job as a powerful instrument in God’s hands.

“How do I guard myself from temptation?” Temptations abound in the corporate world – from success that can foster pride and greed, to competition that can test your ethics and breed jealousy. But God stands ready to deliver you anytime you encounter temptation.

Immediately seize the opportunities God gives you to escape from temptation whenever it presents itself – from Scripture the Holy Spirit will bring to your mind to guide your decisions, to friends who will give you support, encouragement, and help to remain accountable for your thoughts and actions.

“How do I deal with a non-Christian boss or colleague whose actions and values are unethical?” Don’t be intimidated, since God has not given you a spirit of fear. Take a stand for what’s right, trusting that God will help you every step of the way. Follow your convictions and refuse to compromise.

The result will be either that the person will admire your integrity and be inspired by you, or else cause you trouble that could cause you to lose your job. But it’s far better to lose your job than your integrity. Expect that, when you do what’s right, God will provide everything you need – including a new job, if it comes to that.

“How do I know when it is time to leave my present job?” If you sense a restless stirring in your heart, pay attention to it, since it may alert you to a new assignment God has for you. Don’t become so complacent or comfortable that you’re not receptive to a new challenge from God.

Realize that your value doesn’t come from your career or current job position, but from God. Jobs come and go, but your relationship with God is eternal and what matters most. So don’t worry about leaving any particular job if you’ve accomplished what God has called you to do there. Pray about it, seek counsel from wise Christians, and take action if it becomes clear that God is asking you to leave.

“How do I ‘wait on the Lord’ when ‘time is money’?” Even though, in the corporate world, waiting doesn’t make business sense and is viewed as an annoyance, waiting is actually a quite valuable activity. It’s not a passive time; it’s the dynamic process of seeking God’s agenda. Whenever you lack a clear sense of direction for what God wants you to do, that’s a time to wait on Him. Instead of succumbing to pressure to move ahead without first getting clear guidance from God, pray for the patience to wait and schedule unhurried time to spend regularly with God in prayer and reading the Bible for guidance. Foster a steady sense of spiritual attentiveness to God throughout each day, expecting Him to speak to you at the right time.