“How can I pray for the people at work?” Ask God to make you aware of the many needs the people you work with have in their lives – from someone facing a serious illness, to someone going through a divorce. Pray compassionately and regularly for the people God lays on your heart. As you intercede for them, understand that God may use you to answer your own prayers. Be willing to reach out as God lead you to give your time and resources to help people you work with who are in need.

“How can I spend enough time with God when my schedule is already full?” Time is your most valuable resource as a business leader, so when you choose to give it to God, it’s a very meaningful offering to bring Him. Proactively plan to spend time with God regularly in prayer and worship, since no extra time will just magically appear in your life. Make sure you have enough unhurried time with God to really hear Him speaking to you.

Since God will focus your mind on what’s most important, spending time with Him will actually save you time because you’ll be able to avoid wasting time on unimportant matters. Change your schedule to make more time to spend with God daily – from giving up television at night to getting up earlier in the morning. Recognize the great potential for good in your life when you make time to communicate regularly with God.

“How can I balance work and family?” Follow Jesus as your role model. He lived His life with passion, but not necessarily balance. Every day, He sought His Father’s agenda and trusted His Father to show Him what He should do that day. You can invite the Holy Spirit to guide your decisions each day. As you follow that guidance, you’ll accomplish whatever God intends for you to do without neglecting either your family or your work. Every day will look different, but you’ll be confident that you’re spending your time and energy in the best ways.

“How can I be a spiritual leader to my children when my business constantly takes me away from home?” Your leadership as a parent is based on your relationship with God, your character, and your influence in your home – whether or not you’re present or absent. When you’re on business trips, pray for your kids and communicate with them often through by phone, e-mail, text messaging, or Webcam.

When you’re with your kids in person, let them see you truly living out your faith – not just believing what the Bible says, but actually practicing it. Teach your kids what the Bible says yourself, rather than leaving spiritual instruction solely up to your kids’ teachers at church.

“How should I invest myself in my church?” While the money you contribute to your church is valuable, God wants you to give more than just money. He wants you to use the talents He has given you and the skills you’ve acquired through your work in the business world to strengthen your church. Meet with your pastor and other church leaders to ask how you could best use your talents and skills to serve your congregation.

Be creative and expect that, as you pray about it and discuss it, God may reveal ways to serve that you hadn’t considered before. Also consider how you can ask your company as a whole can help meet needs at your church – from conducting training events to giving a financial gift.

“How should I become involved in my community?” Ask God to show you why He led you to your particular community and what you specific ways you can bless people in your local area. Wherever you live, you can make your community a better place and glorify God in the process. Pray for clear guidance on how you can use the skills you’ve developed in the business world to help your community.