A short while later, another weary traveler pulled into town. He, too, saw the man in front of the store and asked the same question about the people of the town. Again, the local inquired about the traveler’s previous relationships in his last hometown.

“Man, they were the best! Everyone in town was kind and ready to be a friend,” he bragged, “I hated to leave.” Came the reply, “Friend, you’re going to love it here too; let me introduce you around as soon as you’re settled.”

I wonder what would happen if “what if ” thinking replaced the fear of change. Do you suppose God would reward our faith and optimism with more peace, less stress and greater eventual joy? Jesus said it himself, “As a man thinks — so is he.”

p.s. I’m back from lunch. It looks like we’re going to get a new son out of the deal. I can’t wait!

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