Then, as Christmas draws closer, think about this young woman. Ask yourself, “What does she need that she probably doesn’t already have?” Note: This is not the time to over-spiritualize things and declare to yourself, “She needs Jesus!” Sure she does. You know that. The trouble is, she is still probably unaware of her true need. But she does perceive the need for enough money to buy some toys for her kids.

So before your next visit (now just a few days prior to Christmas) gather the family together and agree not to buy another bunch of idiot gifts that no one really wants or needs. Instead, determine that this Christmas will be for Jesus—and the girl at the restaurant. That evening go back to the restaurant.

Order a meal and visit a little more. By this time, your server may be looking forward to your visits. Spend a couple of extra moments and inquire about her children. Talk about anything she wants to discuss. Remind her that she’ll be in your prayers, and wish her the merriest Christmas ever. Then, as you leave, slip a $100 bill under your plate. Quietly go out to your car—and watch her pick the plate up. That, dear one, is Christmas! (By the way, this is why I prefer restaurants with big windows and lots of light.)

When the New Year turns, drop back in. Don’t make any big deal—just be your friendly self. In time, the odds are high she will open her heart and soul to you. That’s when it becomes person to personal. Then, as her true friend, you can begin to share the really good news. Isn’t life too short not to do it the Jesus way?

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